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FAM is a word that expresses family and relatives.

FAM is a word showing affection

not only in family links but also in a romance or a spouse relation.

We would like to help in our part preserve such precious memories.

At our FAM Studio, you can enjoy shooting in highly private environment

with your beloved members such as spouses, lovers, or friends to keep sweet memories at FAM Studio.

Let's watch the inside view of Fam Studio!


Our Core Values

Our Core Values

FAM Studio adapts a full house for a studio with a variety of more than 10 scenes

Available staffs speaking English, Vietnamese, Japanese languages

Fleuri Japanese management

Professional photograher.

Available gorgeous costumes under safe hygienic condition


Prices and Packages

Studio are setting the different shooting places.
Client can choose the suitable plan.



About 100 clothes coordinated available at Studio.

Clothes available for your choice.

The Fam Studio


Health Protection against contagious Covid-19

  • For the sake of healthcare of clients and Studio’s staff,
    our photographers and staff may wish to wear mask
    during reception and shooting to prevent Covid-19 virus infection.
  • We highly appreciate your kind understanding
    in using wet wipes and hand sanitizer to
    sanitize hand during shooting time.
  • Hand sanitizer at the Studio
  • Hand sanitizer is available at our Studio,
    highly recommended for clients prior to entering the Studio
  • *In case of clients allergic to sanitizer liquid, please consult our Studio’s staff.
  • Sterilization of costumes at the Studiio
  • We make laundry daily for kids’costumes as it touches kids’skin directly.
  • As for costumes (such as Kimono, suit, etc) not for laundry daily, we spray Zia Aqua (Hypochlorous acid water) to have them sterilized safe for clients’kids to wear.
  • ※Zia Aqua is product containing hypochlorous acid which is sterilizing substance generated in living body including human. This product is possibly used to sterilize outside of body (liquid: Acid (pH6.5±0.1)Concentration of Chlorine100ppm)